Fabric buildings Industries & Sectors

Fabric structure buildings are extremely flexible alternative to conventional buildings, and their applications are almost endless. They are removable structures that can be used as temporary buildings or permanent buildings. Can be installed in a very short time and are more affordable than conventional buildings. When used as temporary buildings, they can be installed in one place for a specific period of time, and after that disassembled and be ready for their next use, easily and without any damage.

Fabric Buildings: Industrial Aplications

Warehouses & Storage Buildings

Warehousing is one the most well-known uses for fabric structure buildings. A whole fabric structure warehouse can be installed, but also you have the choice of use a shed roof fabric building as an extension for existing conventional (steel or concrete structure) warehouse. Those options allow a company to be absolutely flexible regarding their warehousing capacity, and adapt to seasonal requirements, increase/decrees of activity, with small investments. Also high clearance fabric roof structures (for example polygonal roof, or curved roof types) allows for pallet racking.

Workshop and production

When a company needs to be absolutely flexible in their workshop space with reduced costs, fabric custom buildings are one of the best options.
In some industrial sectors market sales can show strong seasonality. If your company want to able to be ready for the additional seasonal workload, but does not want take the risk to make big investment in facilities, fabric buildings can be the right answer.

Logistic platforms

Many companies with large bulk loads handling requirements have found in the fabric building and storage tents the right answer for their needs. The main reason but not the only one is the ROI of investment can´t be matched by traditional steel or concrete facilities. Fabric buildings allow flexible and fast installation that can add available storage and handling space wherever is required. Ports, waterways or terminals, wherever you require storage or handling capacity it can be deployed fast, with low investment and low-maintenance requirements.
You company will also have superior protection against corrosive marine environments and the harshest elements, and each fabric building for a terminal is built to last. These low-maintenance buildings are the ideal storage solution for grain, coal, and everything in between.

Fabric structures are also the right choice for load and unload areas. Open sided Loading Bay Canopies, provides climate protection in an open space, where trucks can move easily and logistic machinery can operate under a high height clearance protecting cover. Protect your goods and staff during loading operations with an affordable and cost effective investment. Loading Bay Canopies are also removable structure that can be disassembled and moved quickly and without any damage, in case of layout changes in your facilities.

Maintenance Areas

If you need big spaces you carry out bulky machinery or recreational small yatch and boats maintenance operations, fabric structures are the best choice.

Waste and recycling

Waste management and recycling companies helps us converting waste materials into new materials and objects, or treating and disposing in the waste in the best way to avoid them to degrade the environment. The challenge these companies face is to store and manage large quantities of bulky waste materials with low value to weight ratios. That means they have to be careful when making investment, especially in new facilities. Waste management and recycling is not only an invaluable contribution to the environment, also has to be a profitable industrial activity. Fabric building offers large storage and disposal spaces with very low costs. Fabric structures have also high protection against corrosive environments thanks to their aluminum structure, and by their modular design can be expanded in very short time if required.

Construction machinery dealers & rental companies

If your business needs to store several pieces of big machinery, you traditionally had two options: Store them with a traditional steel structure industrial facilities assuming high storage cost, or leave them outside and take the risk of them to be prematurely damaged by weather conditions. Fabric building offers total climate protection for your assets with lower acquisition and maintenance costs. Modern materials employed in fabric building give them high resistance against heavy rains, snow and wind. As well as very high corrosion resistance due to their aluminum structure. Fabric structures are removable and can be not only installed in a week, but can be disassembled without any damage and be ready to be moved to the next construction site.

Fabric Buildings: Retail and Distribution

Superstores (out-of-town shopping centers)

The magic formula of success for superstores is big stocks and variety available for clients with low prices. How can they combine these characteristics? It´s not easy, because storage involves assuming costs. And low prices (and therefore small margins) are required to maintain big sales. Using fabric buildings combined with exiting traditional buildings, superstores can use their storage and shopping spaces in a very flexible way and with low costs. In addition fabric building can be perfect to show and advertise some products outside the main store building, for example sports stuff, or garden furniture.

Cars & trucks dealers

A car or truck dealer business requires to store and show large amounts of vehicles, not only new vehicles that are prepared for sale, but also usually second hand vehicles. In addition technical service also will require large amounts of space for vehicles that are being repaired, or are waiting to be repaired.
Of course, some vehicles can temporary be stored outside the main building, but they will have no protection at all against weather conditions, even if weather is not very harsh vehicles probably will be dirty when they will be delivered to the owner.
Simple and inexpensive fabric buildings can give to your business the protection required for all the vehicles. For example open sided industrial canopies for warm climates, or complete fabric building with covered side walls if the weather is more extreme.

Fabric Buildings: Educational and sports

School canopies and tensile membrane structures are popular in the educational eviroment, they provide cover and have decorative value for the educational facilites. For sport applications fabric roof are also very popular, specially for “futsal”(soccer 5), padel and tennis corts. Larger tensile membrane structures also can be used for larger playgrounds sports like football or basketball.

Fabric Buildings: Events and showrooms

Trade fairs / trade shows

A trade show involves a lot of people from different companies showing and demonstrating their last product and services. All of them will require a lot space to deploy their stands, and be able to show their capabilities. Trade fairs use to be arranged by sector industry, so each one will have very different characteristics. A construction machinery, or car industry trade show, will be significantly different from a Hardware o mobile phone trade show, and therefore the space use and requirements, will be different. Custom fabric buildings allow quickly extending or removing spaces. Are removable structures and their canvas covers and side walls can be painted or labeled with company’s logos or advertisings. Fabric structures are the perfect tool to help you, showing you products are attend the visitors that want to know more about your products and company.

Exhibition centers, concerts, conferences, etc.

Concerts, exhibitions centers and conferences are activities that are held for a short period of time, and usually after that, most of the facilities used need to be removed. For these reasons, it´s difficult to think about a better solution for these temporary activities, than a temporary and affordable removable building like a fabric structure. In addition they can be painted and labeled for advertising and marketing purposes.

Tensile membrane structures: Public space structures

Some public spaces require a cover and protection against the sun or the bad weather. They are usually placed in public parks, avenues or children’s playgrounds. When a Town council decides to invest in these structures functionality, price and also decorative value should be taken in account. Tensile structures are a different kind of fabric structures that thanks to their tensioned steel wires allows almost any imaginable form to be created. Have the same benefits that normal fabric structures but also the artistic and creative value. For this reason tensile structures are popular into the architecture and decorative sector.
Bigger structures can also be made with the tensioned textile technology, for example: the Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Olympic Park Munich or The O2 entertainment district in South East London.
Tensile membrane structures have 2 main advantages: allow the use of natural illumination, and allows light (and affordable) structures with large clear spans.