In this article we are going to talk about spaces for industrial storage; we will explain the advantages of a modular fabric structure when expanding existing warehouses.

1. Consideration when building a warehouse and defining its dimensions

The installation of a warehouse by a company is done taking into account various factors related to its location, dimensions, design, capacity and variable factors; but as is natural, it is difficult to predict the future with accuracy, to determine the 10-year growth or the stock peaks that may occur at specific times. Therefore, the choice of a warehouse, according to experts, always involves some uncertainty.
Different possible future scenarios, can make us doubt the investment in our warehouse and its dimensions, as it can become a future constraint, limiting the storage space or the space for displacements and/or conditioning. On the other hand, requesting a warehouse with an excess of space can generate extra costs.

2. Solution to the problem of space in a warehouse

When face the question of construction or purchase of a warehouse, his problem is mainly one of dimensions, since making modifications to the layout or interior design of the warehouse is relatively simple.
Therefore there are several solutions depending on the purpose of each warehouse, by incorporating modular fabric estructure buildings:

– If you need a warehouse to keep stock indefinitely

If you are looking for it but do not yet have a warehouse, perhaps you should analyse the advantages that a modular industrial fabric structure can offer you in comparison to a convencional steel or concrete warehouse. A modular fabric structure allows the dimensions are no longer a problem, this type of pavilion allows to incorporate or remove additional modules once built.
It can also guarantee the same safety and comfort as other types of structures, it does not require a building permit, it can be assembled in one week and, most importantly, the price is much cheaper than a convencional steel o concrete one.

– If you need a warehouse for temporary use

If you are looking for a warehouse to be installed in different places, for a specific period of time, then you should think of an industrial fabric building with a modular structure. The growth of companies and their expansion into other markets, leads companies to face the need to increase their infrastructure.
The construction of this type of temporary warehouse is not subject to the immobility and difficulties of conventional construction. This kind of industrial tent modular warehouse can be assembled and dismantled to be installed in different locations dynamically. The modular industrial fabric building is ideal for outdoor storage on construction sites, for installation abroad and for work in places where transport is difficult to reach.

– If you already have a warehouse but need more space at specific times

One of the biggest storage problems for a company occurs when during the manufacture or receipt of various orders the storage facilities reaches its maximum volume. In many cases, this type of situation leads to harmful results for the company, such as material damage or unforeseen major expenses.
That is why the option of the modular industrial building is important to take into account as it can benefit the company. This type of pavilion can be easily annexed to an existing structure. We can fully adapt to the needs of the company at that time and give a quick and personalized response.

– If you have a warehouse but the business is growing and you need more space

Companies grow and usually provide their logistics needs, which is why when a company anticipates in advance that it will need another facilities for storage, the decision of what is best for it can be made in advance.
We recommends our clients to consider the possibility of acquiring a tensile structure in front of a conventional steel/concrete facility; we believe that the different possibilities and characteristics proposed by a textile structure make it more attractive in the eyes of a company. An industrial fabric pavilion with a modular structure is an economic, resistant construction, without central pillars, diaphanous, with the possibility of attachment to an existing structure.

In this photograph you can see a mono pitched/shed roof structure attached to the existing warehouse, the easiest and quickest way to expand an existing facility. And if installed open-sided without lateral enclusures can be used as a covered loading/unloading area.

3. Reasons to expand a warehouse with a textile pavilion or structure

  • A custom fabric structure building is an economical solution for setting up a warehouse
  • They are modular buildings that can be increased in length
  • Textile structures are removable constructions
  • A storage fabric structure can be set up in less than a week
  • The aluminium structure of a textile pavilion is corrosion-resistant for life
  • 4-year warranty offered