Do you need a temporarily storage facility? The temporary warehouses are the ideal solution for all types of temporary construction activities. And also are suitable for manufacturing or commercial activities. Like large element assemblies at site, or trade shows.

In this article we are going to talk about the removable warehouses and how these structures can benefit any company in the construction or industrial sector.

When you finish reading this post, you will know what a removable warehouse is, how long it takes to install it, what structural typlogy is the one that best suits your needs.

For what kind of companies/activities could be interesting this product?

  1. Wind power companies
  2. Renewable energy companies
  3. Construction companies (housing, civil, industrial, etc.)
  4. Logistic centers
  5. Mining companies
  6. Waste management companies
  7. Architecture Studios
  8. City Halls
  9. Industrial Marquees providers (for commercial or industrial use)
  10. Others

Are you looking for a temporary storage or manufacture industrial tent?

If you want a storage o manufacturing workspace temporarily, removable warehouses are the best alternative. These types of structures are ideal for companies with itinerant projects anywhere in the world. Can be deployed quickly and with reduced costs, and disasembled easyly when the work has finished.

What is modular temporary industrial storage tent?

The modular industrial tent consist of an anodised aluminium structure covered with a tensioned high resistance canvas membrane. This type of temporary structures are designed in a personalized way, studying the particular needs of each client.

Modular temporary industrial tent main features

Cover (roof)

PVC coated polyester membrane of 650 gr/m2, waterproof and with fireproof protection.

Aluminium structure

High quality aluminium structure, manufactured from high pressure extruded beams made from 6082T6 alumium alloy.

The enclosure (side and bottom walls)

Could be made in 3 different material: PVC coated polyester membrane of 650 gr/m2 (white color or translucid), trapezoidal metal sheet, or sandwich panel (for maximum thermal insulation)

Gates and doors

Convencional doors, sliding door, or sectional door available. With electronic automatic control available.


A modular temporary storage (or manufacturing) tent is composed of modules 5 meters long, and their installation can be made in 3 between 3 to 5 days (depending of the size).

Clear span

Maximun clear span between two intermediate supports could be as high as 50 meters.

Project Design

Each temporary warehouse is made specific for the client requirements. The engineering department will study client need and propose a final design based on the typologies availables: curved roof, gable roof, ghotic styled roof, polygonal shape, etc.

Additional equipment

The temporary buildings can be equiped with a full range of equipment and accesories: windows, HVAC systems, Lighting, carpets, laminate wood flooring.

The removable tents can be used temporarily or permanently as a conventional building hall

What type of modular temporary building should I choose?

Each project is worked on individually and after studying the needs of the client. That is why we always recommend that all people contact us to receive a previous study of the project, with personalized plans and technical details.

1- Are you looking for an economical and standard design fabric structure?
Then your choice is the gable roof storage tent. This type of model has a roof with two slopes, which offers very competitive prices thanks to being the most demanded model.

2- Do you need a temporal warehouse for storage of large dimensions?
We recommend you to look for a curved roof pavilion. The curved designs make it possible to build spaces with large clear span and lengths, with full guarantees.

3- Do you want a tensile structure to expand an existing space?
If you are looking for a roof that adapts to another existing structure, the single slope roof model is the ideal one. Its cantilever shape makes it ideal for application to a pre-established structure.

4- Is the most important thing that the Industrial tent allows you to gain height?
The polygonal pavilions are designed to make the most of the internal space and to gain the highest possible height. Polygonal pavilions are the most demanded by the industrial sector.

5- Are you looking for a structure with a custom design?
The Gothic-style pavilions have an original design, ideal for both industrial events and exhibitions where you need to stand out from the competition.