If you recently purchased an industrial tent (temporary storage building, fabric building, etc.) and you want to label or custom printing it. Or if you are thinking about acquiring it and you want to find how can it be printed, this article may be interesting for you.

In this article you could find information related to:

    • Types of pavilion signage (custom printing)
    • Labelling/printing process of a prefabricated building
    • Elements needed to label/print
    • Benefits of pavilion signage/printing
    • Better places to place your logo
    • Recommendations for perfect labeling/printing

The temporary building custom printing is one of our services, with which we have specialized over the years, acquiring new technologies that have facilitated and improved the process. This service is aimed at event companies, large organizations, industrial sector, sports centers and other corporations looking to highlight their company.

Types of pavilion signage (custom printing)

There are three types of labeling/printing methods available:

    • Thermo-adhesive labeling: is a type of labeling that is adhered to the canvas of the building by means of heat at constant pressure.
    • The digital signage, is printed directly onto the PVC canvas by laser printing.
    • Sublimation, impregnates the fabric by means of an ink gasification process and ironing at over 200ºC.

    Labelling/printing process of a prefabricated building

    Labelling looks is a very simple process, but small details can make a difference. We recommend following a series of steps to ensure that the realization and the final finish are in the best possible condition:

        1. Customer describes in an e-mail what he wants to label and the objective he is looking for with this labeling.
        2. The design team studies the proposal and advises the client on how to achieve its goals.
        3. Once it is clear, the idea is materialized in a model that is given to the client for his review and approval .
        4. If the client agrees the design and layout, the logo is prepared for printing.
        5. Finally, we proceed to the final printing and the subsequent delivery.

    Elements needed to label/print

    In order to make the labeling/printing it is necessary to have the logo or graphic element to be labeled, in vector format; this format is usually found in: PDF, Ai, EPS or other vector-aware formats. This file is usually held by the company’s communication department or the designer who made the logo.

    In the event that the labeling is more complex and requires the use of colors, patterns or large formats, we will request the company’s visual identity manual.

    Benefits of pavilion signage/printing

          1. Attract customers to your pavilion
          2. Customize your ship with your corporate image
          3. It can be temporary or permanent
          4. It is an economic service
          5. Surprise visitors to your pavilion
          6. It differentiates you from the competition
          7. The labeling is made with ecological inks
          8. It allows to be recognizable and locatable
          9. Generate more sales in the pavilion
          10. The printing is of high quality

    Better places to place your logo

    Studying where to place your company’s logo in the pavilion is very important if you want to make the signage 100% effective.

    There are eye contact points in a pavilion that are usually the most visible. Here we leave you with the most visible places according to your preferences..:

            • Labeled pavilion triangle: The triangle is the best place to place a logo at medium and long distances. The triangles are above the entrance portico of a pavilion, and have enough space so that the logo can be placed to a size that allows it to be seen from different points.
            • Labeled side panels: The sides offer an immense space to place a large size signage to brand the pavilion. The side panels, being at a lower height, are ideal for displaying them at medium and short distances.
            • Labeled canopy cover: The covers are very attractive labelings in cases where you are looking to be seen from the air or at great distances. The covers allow a large space to place the logo or message to be labeled.

    Recommendations for perfect labeling/printing

    -For your logo or image to stand, colors that contrast should chosen.
    -Logo saved in vectorial electronic formar y recommended for optimal printing.
    -It not recommended to saturate it with information, so that it can be read easily.
    -Labels with letters must be at least 10cm long to be read.
    -Putting on a large logo does not guarantee that it will be seen or recognized, you can ask for advice to our designers to help chosen the best options.
    -The labels do not require special maintenance, they can be cleaned with water and neutral soap.