Regarding maintenance of a fabric building, perhaps you may have some common questions. For example:

How to maintain a detachable fabric building?
Is there any trick to increase the life of a modular pavilion?
Is it recommended to dismantle a pavilion very oftn?
What to do with a pavilion when it is very windy?
What to do with a pavilion when heavy rains?
When it is necessary to maintain a sports pavilion?
If our textile structure is slightly damaged, it is recommended to intervene without calling the technical service?

If you already have a fabric building or you plan to purchase one, you may have asked yourself some of these questions. In this article we will try to solve some questions and give some advises to improve the use and enjoyment of your fabric building/industrial tent.

Let’s see the decalogue that the technical department has prepared for us:

  1. All pavilions/industrial tents/fabric buildings, require the same care and maintenance. There are no differences in structure size, height or shape design.
  2. We recommend an annual cleaning of the fabric canvas cover of the building, using soap and water (If you want to use other products, please contact our technical service).
  3. It is recommended that the diagonal struts be stretched manually (once every semester, or after very strong winds).
  4. If there is a risk of windstorm, the fabric canvas covers must be all closed or all opened to prevent damage (if the building have metallic sheet sides walls, the only option it´s to remain closed).
  5. To close a fabric sidewall you have to unfold the canvas until they touch each other, then immobilize them by passing the ropes of the ends through the eyelets and tightening a strong knot. Finally, the fixing bar is inserted into the lower sheet of the canvas and once the bar is crossed, it is screwed onto the abutments.
  6. In case of heavy rain and snowfall, it is recommended to drain it to avoid generating possible pockets in the cover that could deform the fabric by pressure.
  7. If you notice that heavy rain or snowfall have been generated “bags” (deformations)on the roof, push the canvas from the inside out to eliminate them, and tighten the ratchets (or diagonal struts).
  8. Dismantling a fabric estructure can be made several times without any damage, pavilions can be dismantled and are ready for regular installation.
  9. It is important that the user does not attempt to repair or modify the structure without first consulting the technical service.
  10. Keeping the interior of a fabric structure tidy, avoiding forcing the textile cover, and avoiding loads against the lateral fabric enclosure, will increase the life of a fabric structure.