Removable hangar

The optimized solution for your temporary storage needs

A dismountable hangar makes it easy for you to optimize and optimize your logistics processes whatever your sector of activity. We offer storage sheds with a large number of options to better meet business needs.

What is a removable hangar?

As the name suggests, the dismountable shed is a construction characterized by the fact that it is temporary. This type of building can be assembled and dismounted easily. This is an important benefit for many industries, making this temporary marquee a very popular solution for businesses. It is intended for professional use, especially by industrial companies, large distribution or the construction sector, construction.

Constructed with a tough, PVC-coated membrane, these devices are both lightweight and super-strong. For example, they are perfect for a large supermarket that wants to temporarily increase its commercial space: in winter, to create a sales area for fir trees! The advantage is that you will not have to uninstall them according to the weather conditions and that they guarantee an optimal security.

Removable hangars are built with a very strong and lightweight PVC membrane at a time. This type of building is perfect for large stores that want to temporarily expand its sales area.

Removable hangars main features

caractéristiques hangar démontable

Removable hangar, What dimensions?

The dimensions of an industrial tent may vary according to storage needs. The standard dimensions would be between 10 and 30 meters of porch, reaching up to 60 meters. In terms of length, one could say that it is infinite thanks to the modular elements of the modular marquee.

Is a building permit required for a removable hangar?

It is necessary to distinguish the different terminologies of the removable hangar and which could create confusion as regards the regulations of town planning. The objective of the latter is to prepare, analyze, allow the maintenance and the construction of a structure..

Removable hangar without a building permit

The law indicates in which context and for what purposes it is exempted from presenting a building permit or requires an application for prior authorization. This legislation can be sighly different in each country, please check your local applicable laws.


Our removable solutions, intended for outdoor use, are designed in accordance with the Eurocode-1 (actions on structures) standard and comply with the CTS regulations (marquees, tents and structures), thus offering a safe environment in the same way as a building with a foundation. . Also, if you want to change your surface, you can expand or reduce it to save space. These solutions adapt to all situations and are extremely practical! However, for installation and dismantling, it is better to go through the company that provided you in order not to waste time. They are trained professionals, they will dismantle the storage building safely.

Multiple use to store everything

This way, when you no longer need this storage space, you can take it apart and remove it. Another advantage of modular construction is that it can be used for a variety of purposes. It depends on your industry and the type of operation you want to do. For example, it can be used as an industrial warehouse to store goods when the space normally used can no longer hold them. As part of its activities, this removable structure can be very useful for insulating products, for security reasons. It can even be divided into several sections, one of which can be used as a control post depending on the type of activity. In addition, the dismountable hangar can be used for commercial uses, for example for a trade show.

Products and articles intended for sale may be displayed and will be available to potential buyers. This modular structure will then look like a covered market, where visitors can move freely. It can also serve as a reception venue for an official ceremony. Better yet, if you want to create relay shops for your company, or create a maintenance zone, the industrial tent is one of the best solutions that can bring you satisfaction. Also, its installation for a purely sporting purpose is absolutely possible. As you can see, the uses of the removable shed are multiple and adapted to your needs.

Removable hangars for industrial use

Thus, the removable shed offers you the possibility to adapt your storage capacities to your current needs. It is also the way to export your business abroad with storage space that is not as heavy and definitive as industrial warehouses.

In addition, it greatly simplifies the transition from one workplace to another, as it is very easy to dismantle these types of buildings and move them to another location. This effectively improves their execution ability.

Plus, it’s also a great way to lower your production costs. Cheaper than real estate buildings, the warehouse is built with strong and durable materials. It is perfectly capable of being presented as a long-term solution.

The weather is not a problem for machinery and equipment stored in these types of removable buildings. The demountable shed is designed to withstand rain, snow, hail and high winds. In these conditions, you can be sure of the integrity of your assets and tools.

Removable hangars  for construction companies

During long work, your tools and machinnery may be exposed to rain, wind, and all types of weather conditions. So instead of having to put them away and return to pick them up every time, having a storage tent allows you to always have them on hand, no matter the weather conditions. When a new housing, civil, or industrial construction project begins, it lasts several months or even more than a year, depending on the size of the project. To be successful, construction companies in action need to use certain services such as the installation of a removable hangar. It is perfect to accommodate big-bags, construction vehicles, pallets, machine tools, bulky packages and in large quantities.

The removable hangar can meet the demand of all companies and cover all storage needs on construction sites. At the beginning of the construction site, professionals come to set up the dismountable hangars so that it complies with Eurocode standards. It then remains all the time of the yard and is dismantled at the end. The building personeel thus have easy storage throughout the construction site, and can be more efficient.

Removable hangars, a temporary solution only?

Moreover, even if the hangar is originally designed to remain in place only for a defined period, it is quite possible to leave it in place for the long term if necessary, since it comply with Eurocode-1 standards which ensure that the building is perfectly resistant to bad weather and especially to snow and wind. You can find all the information on this standard and see to which wind and snow zone your region belongs.

Removable Hangar Prices

The price of a tent may vary according to different variables: the dimensions, ie the lateral height, the range of the gantry and the length or number of modules that make up the structure of the tent. It also conditions the price of a removable shed, the characteristics of the fence, (type PVC canvas, sandwich panels, and accessories (pipe and drain rainwater, security doors, LED lighting, etc ….. The basic price of a tent could be between 110 and 380 USD per square meter.

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