Storage Tent

An affordable and flexible solution for indutrial companies

In the construction sector and in the industry in general, it´s usual to be required to work in a difficult environment: a bad terrain, both in town and in the country, exposed to all kinds of weather conditions. In this state, construction and industrial companies have to adapt and continue to function normally.

One of the most effective solutions to meet these needs is what we call industrial marquees or storage tents. Among the advantages of using a storage marquee is the ease of access, the speed of assembly and an exceptional price / quality ratio. Removable warehouses are adapted to each industry thanks to a particularly modern technology and can evolve to meet the most complex needs.

What is an industrial storage tent?


A storage tent is an aluminum metal frame with a PVC enclosure with multiple features depending on the use you want to give it. It is designed as a classic building, it is solid and its dimensions are proportional to the space needs that can be expected from a construction, a civil engineering or a food company. In the end, an industrial storage building, like the ones we offer has most the benefits of a building, but it does not have the disadvantages.

This means that the storage tent has a lightweight but extremely strong membrane. Indeed, it is built to meet the european standard Eurocode-1 “Actions on Structures”. It is considered a light structure because it can be transported to the site and assembled in record time by teams of specialized assemblers.

For the installation, it takes a much less demanding foundation than a building or a classic hall. Once the floor is laid, the storage tent is simply attached to the floor with anchors. For temporary activities, such as civil works, the industrial tent can be dismantled and recovered by the company after completion, then reassembled on another site for use by another operator in the sector.

Storage Tents main features

caractéristiques tente de stockage

The storage tent: a complementary workspace for professionals

As the capabilities of these industries grew, so did their need for more space. That’s when storage tents come in your favor.

The industrial sectors need diaphanous and removable spaces for the realization of works, for the formation of work areas or places of storage. The sectors that frequently use a storage tent are varied: food industry, automotive industry, aeronautics, construction, recycling, to name a few examples.

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