Tensile architecture structures

Artistic and Bespoke Fabric Architecture

A tensile structure is characterised by a tensioning of the membrane system (typically with wire or cable) to provide the critical structural support to the structure.

It can hold many forms, that creates dramatic and structural architectural works, offering a wide variety of free-form designs that would be almost impossible with traditional building methods.

One of the major advantages of fabric architecture is that very few components are required to create a structure, the other one is the extensive freedom fabric that membrane structures offer for imaginative designs. Engineering and practical use, comes together with maximum creativity. The use of modern structural engineering software allows the designers to make real their most complex ideas, while assuring absolute structural integrity and resistance of the structures.

Tensile estructures applications

When we talk about tensile structures, the possible aplications are almost endless: Univerty Campus, schools, sport facilities, concerts or events facilities, malls, amusement parks, urban spaces architecture, covers for avenues, parks or boardwalks, etc.
We are happy to receive our clients ideas and projects, and prepared for the challenge that represent to develop the engineering and contruction of each unique project.

Technical support and supervision during all the project duration

You will be always assisted by our technical team during the project development. From the design validations, the structural analysis, material selections, BOM definition and manufacturing, painting or labeling if required, till final installations (foundations, joints,


Structures: Extruded high quality aluminim, straight and curved structures, steel structures, etc.
Cover types: Opaque, translucid or even transparent canvas covers, different grammages coats, and colours.
Cover material: Polyester membrane coated with PVC with acrylic varnish on both sides and fireproof M2 classification according to NFP 82507. From above 800 gr/m2 for the heavy duty covers, to 350 gr/m2 for the transparent light covers. Almost any form your designers can dream, we can make it real.